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Animal Factory Amplification Godeater Module

Heavy distortion

The Godeater is a crown jewel amongst distortion effects. Thanks to its extreme compression and massive saturation, the module can be used at maximum gain without losing any punch in the low end. Therefore, the Godeater is the perfect companion for acoustic and synthetic basses as well as drums. Any other audio material can be perfectly destroyed as well, of course. Alterable clipping stages and a very musical EQ concept allow you to vary the modules sound very nicely.

The Godeater is not a clone of some classic circuit, but a completely new design with an incredibly brutal sound character. Aditya, the founder of Animal Factory Amps, calls the module a “fuzztortion”.
Essentially, the Godeater consists of a level control and a high-pass filter at the input, followed by two saturation and clipping stages as well as a tone control section. For tweaking the modules sound, you have several control elements at hand:

  • Demeter: Potentiometer for adjusting the input volume. The position of this control element has a significant effect on the degree of distortion.
  • Hera: High-pass knob. – Please turn completely counterclockwise for rich bass distortion. High settings, on the other hand, lead to typically thin fuzz sound.
  • Poseidon: This potentiometer controls the gain stages and therefore the degree of saturation and compression.
  • Two unnamed clipping switches: Three-way-controls which allow you to choose between a symmetrical diode and an asymmetrical LED mode of operation. Alternatively, the clipping stages can be deactivated.
  • Hades: If you want to go very low, you should turn this potentiometer up. Walls will tremble!
  • Hestia: The Godeater’s tone control.
  • Zeus: The final volume potentiometer of the Godeater. With the Disgorge switch tilted to the right, the Zeus knob can be used as a dry / wet control.

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