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Animal Factory Amplification Baron Samedi Module

The Baron Samedi circuit produces all sorts of extreme fuzz sounds with a fundamentally gated nature. It’s easy to think of the pedal as a supernatural harmonic generator of sorts - with a fuzz sound that goes from tame to obnoxious and a row of three extremely interactive knobs, it’s easy to dial in a wide range of broken speaker, AM radio, sub-oscillating and scooped mid sounds - and everything in between.

The heart of this module is the same as that of the pedal, so you can nail all the sounds the pedal has to offer. However functionality, the attenuverter-equipped CV inputs are designed to drag your yet-pristine synth signals into a chaotic, loud and vulgar afterlife.

 With modifications that allow it to be used with modular level signals, the Baron Samedi module can act like a waveshaper or a saturator – but add CV and all bets are off. The LIFE CV deepens or flattens the notch of the tone control, the DEATH CV adds PWM-like textural manipulation, going from very quiet to very loud in the process, and the BURIAL CV acts as a gate of sorts. Some extremely unique, somewhat ring modulation-like sounds can be had when feeding audio-range signals into the DEATH and BURIAL CV inputs. It goes without saying that there is a lot of merit in running CV into all three inputs simultaneously for maximum sonic mayhem.

The module would not be complete without a dry/wet blend knob, useful both as a performance tool and to fine tune the amount of textural distortion desired.


LIFE: A strange notch filter. Both extremes will cut off the highs. At 1, there is a chance that it can self oscillate at a low frequency, depending on the settings of the other knobs. At 10, the treble cut is maximum. The in-between settings sweep through the mids.

DEATH: Turning the knob clockwise will result in gating, loss of bass and PWM-like thinning out of the sound.

BURIAL: Turning up this knob increases the accentuation of the lower harmonics in the signal.

RUM: This is the gain/fuzz control.

VOODOO: The volume control.

LIFE CV: This CV input cuts treble, complenting the LIFE knob. Works best with unipolar CV (0-10V). Turning the knob all the way CCW makes the LIFE knob less effective. This is more audible on some signal types than others.

DEATH CV: CV Control of the DEATH parameter. Accepts CV and audio signals.

BURIAL CV: CV Control of the DEATH parameter. Accepts CV and audio signals. You will need to play around with the BURIAL knob as well as the attenuverter to find the sweet spots!

Depth with power cable: approx 30mm

Output Impedance: nom. approx 1kΩ


HP : 12 

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