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Nekyia Circuits Mezcal

Mezcal is a collection of 4 essential Analog Utility circuits that work both with Audio and CV signals. It consists of a Buffered Multiple with 3 outputs, a Half/Full Wave Rectifier and an Inverter to transform audio and CV signals in many interesting ways, a 3 input Unity mixer/Averager for mixing cv or audio signals without clipping and a Bipolar Output Comparator with an additional NOT (-) output. The Comparator can be used to extract gates from given inputs with the added ability of varying the width of those gates by modulating the threshold voltage. By means of input normalization among all sections, each top Input (arrow) is routed to the next Input (arrow) below it, allowing Mezcal to deliver lots of different output signals from only one input signal!


– 4 Audio/CV Analog Utility Circuits

– Buffered Multiple with 3 outputs

– Half/Full Wave Rectifier and Inverter

– 3 input Unity mixer with a gain of 1/3 for each channel (Averager)

– Bipolar Comparator with extra NOT (inverted) Output

– Input Normalization. Each section Input is normalled to the Input of the below section

Tech specs:


Depth: 25mm, Skiff Friendly!

Power: 33mA @+12V/34mA @-12V