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1010 Music Bluebox Eurorack Edition

1010 Music Bluebox Eurorack Edition
1010 Music Bluebox Eurorack Edition
1010 Music Bluebox Eurorack Edition
1010 Music Bluebox Eurorack Edition
1010 Music Bluebox Eurorack Edition
1010 Music Bluebox Eurorack Edition
1010 Music Bluebox Eurorack Edition
1010 Music Bluebox Eurorack Edition
1010 Music Bluebox Eurorack Edition
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The Ultimate Mixer Meetup for all your Modules!

The bluebox Eurorack edition is the elegant way to get high-quality mixing, effects and integrated recording and playback all in one super-optimized 30 hp form factor. Like all 1010music products, it uses a touchscreen with knobs to let you quickly control volume, gain, 4 band parametric EQ, pan, reverb and delay effects, mute/solo and record/play functions for each track – all with a fast, fluid, intuitive workflow. 

Connect your eurorack, sampler, drum machine, and synthesizer outputs to 12 mono, 3.5 mm inputs and map them to 12 mono tracks or 6 stereo tracks – all with independent control for recording and playback. Connect your computer to the USB C port to send and receive two channels of audio.

The bluebox Eurorack edition is the ultimate in compact mixing, effects, recording, and playback for Eurorack. Smack it in your rack and hit the road with a self-contained, electronic music powerhouse!


  • Mix 12 mono/6 stereo tracks of live or prerecorded sound.
  • Independently route each track to any combination of outputs:
    • 4 mono / 2 stereo outputs
    • Stereo headphone output
  • 6 CV inputs for modulation and control – clock output
  • TRS MIDI input and output
  • USB-C for external MIDI controllers and MIDI sync/clock
  • USB-C for 2 channel audio
  • microSD to record/play hours of multi-track/stereo music as 48k, 24 bit WAVs and for firmware updates
  • Ability to playback pre-recorded tracks while recording new ones
  • Master control of the same mixer parameter across multiple tracks for faster mixes
  • Touchscreen gestures and knobs to quickly and easily tweak parameters
  • Four band EQ per track with Cut/Shelf/Parametric settings for each band
  • Great Reverb and Delay effects with independent sends for each track
  • A built-in global compressor to maximize loudness and glue your mix together
  • Save and recall Project settings including all parameters for tracks, outputs, EQ and effects
  • When you purchase a bluebox Eurorack edition, you will receive:

    • a bluebox Eurorack edition 30 HP Eurorack module
    • A microSD card with bluebox firmware and pre-loaded project files
    • two Eurorack power cables
    • a bluebox Eurorack edition Quick Start guide
    • two MIDI Adapters
    • Dimensions & Power

      • 30 HP
      • Module dimensions including knobs: 6″ x 5″x 1.6″
      • Depth behind front panel with ribbon cable: 1.0″
      • Requires the +5V rail which may not be present
        on some older racks.
      • Uses 500-850mA at +5V (depending
        on screen brightness), 320 mA at +12V, and 82mA at -12V
      • Requires two power connections


      • 12 mono tracks, 6 stereo tracks or something in between
      • Connect to TRS or USB C MIDI for beat syncing effects
      • Lots of headroom with support for Eurorack levels up to +/-5V inputs and outputs
      • 3 effects: reverb, delay and compressor
      • Records and plays back 48k, 24-bit audio WAV files
      • 4 band EQ per track
      • Durable aluminum faceplate
      • Stream 2 channels of audio in and out over USB C
      • 12 mono 3.5 mm TS inputs
      • 2 independently controlled 3.5 mm TS output pairs that can be used as 4 mono outputs
      • 1 stereo 3.5 mm headphone output
      • 6 CV Inputs
      • 1 USB C MIDI Device port
      • 1 TRS MIDI Input
      • 1 TRS MIDI Output
      • 1 USB C Ext jack for streaming audio
      • 3.5” touch screen, 4 knobs, 8 navigation buttons and 3 transport buttons
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