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Tiptop Audio Buchla Sequential Voltage Source 245t

The legendary Buchla 245 module in Eurorack format.

Buchla and Tiptop Audio have transferred the stars of the Buchla 200 series into the Eurorack format and have remained as faithful as possible to the circuits and design, with attention to detail. 

From the sound to the cosmetic nature of the jacks and potentiometer knobs, many details have been beautifully implemented here.

The Sequential Voltage Source is an analog storage of control voltages with 4 x 5 steps. It contains an electronically separated pulse generator with voltage controlled period and pulse length.

The module can be understood as a sequencer with four tracks of five steps each, but also offers some other possibilities like patching an analog preset manager.

Sequences can be looped or run as one-shot and can be started or stopped at any point. Stages can be addressed individually and of course everything reacts wonderfully to irregular trigger signals. The possibilities of the 245 are hard to exhaust and have already inspired a lot of other sequencers.