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Tiptop Audio Buchla Quad Function Generator 281t

Buchla and Tiptop Audio have transferred the stars of the Buchla 200 series into the Eurorack format and have remained as faithful as possible to the circuits and design, with attention to detail. 

From the sound to the cosmetic nature of the jacks and potentiometer knobs, many details have been beautifully implemented here.

The module consists of two identical function generators that can operate independently or interdependently. Each function generator can be used either as an attack/decay envelope, attack/hold/decay envelope or as an LFO. Attack and decay times are CV controllable and also determine the LFO frequency in cyclic mode.

In quadrature mode, functions A and B can be used 90 degrees out of phase. When the attack time of A is finished, the function is held and the attack phase of function B starts. When this is finished, it is held and the Decay phase of A begins. When this is also finished, function B starts the Decay phase. If the quadrature mode is activated, the signal at output B is the ORed signal of output A and output B. This means that the highest signal of each output is used. In other words, the highest voltage of the two envelopes is output.