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Synthrotek MIXIV

The MIXIV (mix 4) is a four-channel mixer in 4HP, fully built and ready to patch! Channels 1 & 2 can have their own output when a cable is patched in to the sub-output jack. When the left-hand OUT jack is not patched, all channels come out of the right-hand OUT jack. Mix CV or Audio simply and with slider precision! Very skiff friendly at only 26mm deep!

  • Mixes audio and CV signals (DC coupled)
  • Mixes four channels together (4:1), or mixes two sets of two channels (2x 2:1)
  • Dope faders

  • Module width: 4HP
  • Module depth: 26mm
  • Current Draw:
    • +12V: 15mA
    • -12V: 10mA
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