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Shakmat Modular SumDif


The Shakmat SumDif consists of two equal units that can perform sum and difference functions. Each section can be used either as a mixer, as a buffered multiple or as a signal inverter, both for audio and for CV. A very handy module in only 2 HP!


Shakmat's SumDif offers two identical sections. Each consists of two inputs and two outputs that can work with both - control voltages and audio signals.

Thanks to 0.1% precision resistors, the module is ideal for sensitive signals such as pitch CV voltages.

The first output provides the sum of both input signals. This allows each unit to be used as a 2-in-1 unity gain mixer. In addition, a 6dB attenuation can be activated for the first section with the help of a jumper. This prevents clipping when two hot signals are summed.

The second output provides the difference of the input signals, so that mid-side processing can be performed.

If nothing is patched into the second input, each section can be used as a buffered multiple.

Four audio inputs Four audio outputs

3U Eurorack module, 2 HP wide, 29 mm in depth
Power consumption: 15 mA at +12 V and 15 mA at -12 V