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Shakmat Modular Archer's Rig

The Archer's Rig boasts a quiver full of digital noise generation algorithms, offering sharp and cutting sound sources for hi-hat and high-pitched percussion synthesis. As our archer has more than one string to its bow, he processes its source material through a versatile analog chain featuring filters, distortion, and a VCA. Randomizer, a memory of 96 presets, and compatibility with select bus protocol round out the Archer's capabilities, making it a powerful tool for creating a vast and personalized sonic palette.


• Hybrid analog/digital architecture hi-hat module

• Wide range of sounds including classic and innovative hi-hats, shakers, bells…

• Digital audio generator combining 13 source algorithms and 9 audio effects

• Analog process chain including a VCF, a VCA, a distortion and a lo cut filter

• Open and closed hat played exclusively

• Random source with independant amount for each parameter

• Dynamic phrasing through velocity input

• Non volatile memory of 96 presets with CV and Select Bus recall

• Djtechtools rubber injected knobs

• Skiff friendly

• 8 hp wide