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Shakmat Modular Centaur's Gates

Shakmat Modular Centaur's Gates
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Shakmat Modular Centaur's Gates
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The Centaur’s Gates is a fully analog signal path dual multi-types gate. Each of its two channels can take many forms : a smooth and warm two poles filter, a ready to ping low-pass gate, a VCA with distorting feedback loop, or an aggressive filter reminiscent of the unfamous Korg MS20. Both versions of the filter are available in three modes (low-pass, band-pass and high-pass), bringing to eight the number of types a channel can take the form of.

The extended sonic palette the Centaur’s Gates delivers is not its only asset as the module includes handy features such as serial/parallel routing, vactrol analog emulation, control link, variable input gain with drive, Select Bus compatibility, and last but not least, clickless switching for channels type selection via cv.


• Dual channel multi mode filter, low-pass gate or VCA

• Smooth & warm or agressive & overdriven VCF characters

• VCA with parallel distortion and feedback loop

• LPG with 1 pole or 2 poles response

• Serial and parallel routing configurations

• Opto feature simulating vactrol behavior

• Channel linking

• Clickless type switching

• Select bus compatibility with 16 presets

• Djtechtools rubber injected knobs

• Skiff friendly

• 12 hp wide