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ST·MAR is a 3-channel Stereo Mixer with individual and master volume controls, CV modulation and mute switches. All the basics to blend your stereo signals in only 8HP.

MAR is a Multichannel Dual Mixer module designed for its use on modular synthesizers. Due to its DC-coupled connections, this module is capable of mixing audio, CV and gate signals between ±10V. • Mixer X Four-channel mixer with gain control for each X channel. This mixer features 2 outputs, the mixer’s own output and its inverted. The output level is shown in the X LED. • Mixer Y Four-channel mixer with gain control for the sum of the Y channels. This mixer features one output. The output level is shown in the Y LED. All potentiometers use logarithmic tape to have a good control with audio signals.


Dimensions 8HP – 40×128,5mm
Current 50 mA +12V / 52 mA -12V / 0 mA +5V
Input & Output Signals ±10V
Impedance Input 47k – Output 10k
Materials PCB and Panel – FR4 1,6mm
Depth 35mm – Skiff friendly

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