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IO Instruments Sponde Mixer

2x six-channel audio/CV mixer
Signals in the room
IO Instruments Sponde at a glance:

  • Eurorack module
  • Audio / CV Mixer
  • 2x six inputs
  • Overdrive LED per mixer
  • Attenuator function for four inputs per mixer
  • 20 TE Width
  • +12 V: 90 mA / -12V: 82 mA

The Sponde from IO Instruments is a high-quality audio and CV mixer with two combinable units of six inputs each. The low-distortion circuitry allows an amplification factor of x2 (6 dB) per input. Two strings with up to six inputs can be operated without coloring. The first four inputs in each group have their own signal outputs, allowing the module to operate as an eightfold attenuator.

If only signals in row B are fed in, these are normalized to row A (passed through). In this way it is possible to distribute up to six mono signals in the panorama; in this case the outputs A and B are to be regarded as left and right.