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Hamstead Soundworks Subspace

Subspace Intergalactic Driver

A Journey Through Subspace

Hamstead Soundworks’ journey to push the boundaries of what a drive pedal can be, has come to its next logical stop. This is the Subspace Intergalactic Driver – all of the analogue versatility of Odyssey by Peter Hamstead, now optimised for low frequencies. With its re-voiced circuit, enhanced with the addition of a parallel dry control, Subspace allows you to craft your perfect driven sound without losing any character or low frequencies from your original signal. You’ll be taken on a journey from clean boost with tone shaping, to warm vintage valve style overdrive, through to defined distortion and all the way to glitchy oversaturated fuzz.

While developed with bass in mind, Subspace can take you further than you would have imagined. When used with guitars it opens up a whole range of alternative and inspiring drive sounds. However, with bass it offers more than you could believe was possible from a compact analogue drive pedal.

The Parallel control in Subspace works as a volume control for your dry signal and features a notch at the 12 o’clock position for unity gain, which can then be boosted by up to +6dB. Unlike a normal passive blend control, your dry signal is split by a high-quality buffer circuit meaning that 100% of the signal goes to both the Drive circuit and the Parallel circuit with no tonal loss.