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Hamstead Soundworks

Brand: Hamstead Soundworks Model: HAMSTEAD-COMET
Comet is a meticulously voiced overdrive pedal, that opens up a vast range of tones from a simple control set. Representing Hamstead Soundworks’ pursuit to push analogue drive circuitry to new heights, it can be moulded from boutique sounding overdrive with a vocal midrange, right through to a ..
Ex Tax:186.56€
Brand: Hamstead Soundworks Model: HAMSTEAD-ODYSSEY
Odyssey Intergalactic DriverAn Unbelievable Journey Through ToneHamstead Soundworks’ obsession with tone and electronic design has driven them to push the boundaries of what a drive pedal can be. The result is the Odyssey Intergalactic Driver – a single analogue circuit by Peter Hamstead. ..
Ex Tax:214.29€
Brand: Hamstead Soundworks Model: HAMSTEAD-SIGNATURE-MKII
Signature Tremolo MK IIAnalogue Waveform PerfectionTremolo is one of the earliest effects to be applied to the electric guitar and its timeless quality has ensured its popularity across many genres throughout the years. Signature Tremolo MKII is Hamstead’s take on this classic effect, crea..
Ex Tax:209.24€
Brand: Hamstead Soundworks Model: HAMSTEAD-SUBSPACE
Subspace Intergalactic DriverA Journey Through SubspaceHamstead Soundworks’ journey to push the boundaries of what a drive pedal can be, has come to its next logical stop. This is the Subspace Intergalactic Driver – all of the analogue versatility of Odyssey by Peter Hamstead, now optimise..
Ex Tax:234.45€
Brand: Hamstead Soundworks Model: HAMSTEAD-ZENITH
Zenith Amplitude ControllerThe Ultimate Tone ShaperTone is more than just guitars, amps and pedals; but the voice of the player. Once your core elements are brought together, you can refine your sound or even push it to a whole new level.  Meet Zenith – a powerful EQ, Boost and Compre..
Ex Tax:276.47€
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