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Cornerstone Nero Fuzz Overdrive

The Cornerstone Nero is a unique designed fuzz that seamlessly blends vintage tones with progressive technology.
The fuzz circuit (a single gainstage) cascades into a built-in fixed-gain Gladio SC circuit. The harmony of both these circuits allows you to tame the harshness of the fuzz.

Two independent Voice (bias) controls offer an effortless transition between tones at the mere click of a footswitch. Intuitive in design, yet still with possibilities. A very different fuzz that has a more soft tone than usual.

Cornerstones unique fuzz-circuit with fixed-gain Gladio SC built-in
The fuzz are stacked into the fixed-gain Gladio SC
Controls: Volume, Gain (fuzz), Comp (mix fuzz/drive), Tone, Voice 1 (fuzz bias), Voice 2 (fuzz bias 2)
Voice-footswitch for changing between the two voice (bias) settings on the fuzz
Ext. switch input for controlling voice-footswitch from external footswitch
Made in Italy