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Cornerstone Antique Classic Drive
Brand: Cornerstone Model: CORNERSTONE-ANTIQUE
Tube Screamer has made the history of guitar sound. But. Have you ever wished to have more control on the tone and other fundamental parameters, to nail your beloved artist’s tone? Now you have it. The Antique. A screamer at its core, with all the versatility you’ve always wanted. Not just a pedal. ..
Ex Tax:176.47€
Brand: Cornerstone Model: CORNERSTONE-COLOSSEUM
The Colosseum is the result of a series of polls taken amongst the Cornerstone followers and our supporters in the Cornerstone Community. We are incredibly proud to present this pedal in which the people have had a large role in it’s design process.Please welcome the first Community Pedal.Corne..
Ex Tax:301.68€
Cornerstone Gladio SC Single Preamp
Brand: Cornerstone Model: CORNERSTONE-GLADIO
How long have you been playing Steve Ray Vaughan songs eventually realizing that somehow you can’t really nail his sound? The Gladio SC is meant to reach it by adding the special Clean volume knob. You can’t really nail SRV drive tone if you don’t put the clean sound into the equ..
Ex Tax:218.49€
Brand: Cornerstone Model: CORNERSTONE-IMPERIUM
The Mayer Screamer meets the Robben Dumble. unleash the power of two great classic sounds paired together to offer a unseen combination of tones.Imagine you can put together and mix two very different and legendary sounds: a Robben Ford style Dumble and John Mayer ..
Ex Tax:301.68€
Brand: Cornerstone Model: CORNERSTONE-NERO
The Cornerstone Nero is a unique designed fuzz that seamlessly blends vintage tones with progressive technology.The fuzz circuit (a single gainstage) cascades into a built-in fixed-gain Gladio SC circuit. The harmony of both these circuits allows you to tame the harshness of the fuzz.Two independent..
Ex Tax:243.70€
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