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Boss TU-3

The Ultimate Boss of Tuning

You'll won't likely make it out to any live show without seeing a Boss tuner on the stage. Boss's renowned TU series have become synonymous with reliable tuning, and the Boss TU-3 will consistently keep your game in check with its durable stompbox-style switching, C0 to C8 tuning range, easily visible 21-segment LED meter, tuning capabilities for seven-string guitars and six-string basses, and flat mode settings for up to 6 semitones below standard pitches. This pedalboard staple can also power up to seven Boss compact effects pedals when used with an AC power supply. See why Boss remains the boss in the arena of guitar tuning pedals with your TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal.

Easy-to-Read 21-Segment LED Meter

You'll always be able to see how in or out of tune your axe is with a simple glance at your TU-3's easy to read 21-segment LED meter. Set this baby to its chromatic setting to get a quick reading of any of the twelve notes in the chromatic scale. Plus, your TU-3 has a high brightness mode to help you read your meter easily for when you're performing in outdoor settings.

Wide Tuning Range

Aside from having a chromatic setting, your Boss TU-3 also features a guitar and bass mode. This baby also has a flat mode for a wider span of tunings that goes up to six semitones below standard pitches. Don't use a standard axe? No problem! Your TU-3 can also handle tunings for seven-string guitars and six-string basses as well.

Ready to Rock for Any Setting

No matter what the setting is, your Boss TU-3 is always ready to go. Just set it down, plug it in, and you're ready to rock for hours with consistently reliable tuning right at your feet. This baddie is built with a durable metal chassis and is tough enough for continual use, and its stompbox-style switching makes checking your axe's tuning as seamless and noninvasive as possible.

Power to Spare

You have the option of using a 9-volt battery or an AC adapter to fuel your TU-3 with power. If you do decide to go with the AC adapter, then you can daisy-chain your TU-3 and reliably power up to seven Boss compact effects pedals. You'll have fewer cords to worry about, and will be able to keep your pedalboard tangle-free show after show.

Why Have Two Outs?

One often-overlooked benefit of the Boss TU-3 is its two 1/4" outs -- one regular out and one bypass out. The bypass allows your signal to go un-muted as you tune, and your regular output mutes your signal when your pedal is engaged. The muting features on this baby allows for an effective kill switch that can really open up the doors for some sharp signal kill or even strobe effects.


- C0 to C8 tuning range
- Durable metal chassis built for repeated use
- Brightness controlled 21-segment LED meter
- Guitar Flat mode provides drop tunings up to 6 semitones below standard pitches
- One 1/4" input, one 1/4" output, and one 1/4" bypass out
- Hosts chromatic, guitar, and bass settings
- Tuning capabilities support seven string guitars and six string bases
- Can supply power to seven Boss compact effect pedals when used with power supply
- Weighs in less than one pound
- 9-volt battery included

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