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Zlosynth Instruments Kaseta

Zlosynth Instruments Kaseta
Zlosynth Instruments Kaseta
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Saturating tape delay and feedback sculptor

Kaseta is a multi-purpose module inspired by reel-to-reel tape machines. It simulates magnetic hysteresis to provide warm saturation, its four independent delay lines can be used to sculpt rhythms or feedback loops, and it offers wow and flutter control. The module also goes beyond typical tape machine features, with free-moving delays, trigger sequencing, and an internal oscillator.

While the module works perfectly well as a regular delay, its flexible interface can also be wired up to provide a variety of effects, sounds or CV sources. The following list summarizes its main features. To learn more, see the User Manual.

  • Aluminium panel with high-quality anodized finish
  • CNC engraved lettering
  • 20 HP, skiff friendly
  • Delay with 4 reading heads
  • Tape saturation simulation
  • Wow and flutter effects
  • Stereo output
  • Up to five minutes of recording
  • Internal oscillator
  • Trigger sequencer
  • LEDs visualizing dialed parameters