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Zlosynth Instruments

Brand: Zlosynth Instruments Model: ZLOSYNTH-INSTRUMENTS-ACHORDION
Chord-crafting quantizing wavetable oscillatorThis module allows you to do many things, but in essence, it is just a bunch of oscillators that never go out of tune or out of scale! Apart from playing anything between lush pads and hellish walls of sound, it enables you to easily jam with other music..
Ex Tax:256.30€
Brand: Zlosynth Instruments Model: ZLOSYNTH-INSTRUMENTS-KASETA
Saturating tape delay and feedback sculptorKaseta is a multi-purpose module inspired by reel-to-reel tape machines. It simulates magnetic hysteresis to provide warm saturation, its four independent delay lines can be used to sculpt rhythms or feedback loops, and it offers wow and flutter control. Th..
Ex Tax:268.07€
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