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Shakmat Modular

Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 99987
The Aeolus Mixer is a quadraphonic unity mixer allowing you to sum up to 3 quadraphonic sources and 2 stereo sources, in 6 hp!The module has additional outputs for 5.1 systems compatibility and clever options for crossing the stereo channels, and more.Features• Quadraphonic unity mixer• 3 quadraphon..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 120325
Evolving HarmoniesThe Bard Quartet composes and sings along with your complex harmonies! With its 4 channels and integrated keyboard, the Bard Quartet can control up to 4 different instruments which will play together as a harmonious quartet fed by your musical ideas. Even better: the potentiometer ..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 99462
Briliant and sophisticated dual stepped CV/Gate recorder! The recording of simultaneously two CVs and two gates is done in sync to an external clock and can be cut in up to 32 parts which can be addressed. Two variations can be recorded and the module is entirely voltage controlled. It's an ideal CV..
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Shakmat Modular Dual Dagger
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 99988
This module is a double sided weapon, sharpened to cut low and high frequencies. The Dual Dagger chops stereo spectrums with familiar and appropriate controls for the low pass and the high pass filter section. The Band Pass function turns the dual filter into a band pass filter, with control over fr..
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Shakmat Modular Four Bricks Rook Shakmat Modular Four Bricks Rook
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 99466
A treat for finger drummers – Four Bricks Rook is a trigger sequencer especially designed for programming drum patterns in real-time. The module features four tracks with up to 32 steps. Elektron-style push-buttons are used as drum pads. – Very comfortable. Rhythms can be saved and varied in many wa..
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Shakmat Modular Gemini's Path
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 99906
Stereo & Dynamics ProcessorA 6hp and skiff friendly stereo processor with a high end analog signal path, a trigger detector and a smart modulation source. Combined together the module allows to easily control the dynamic of two signals (decaying, gating, side chain compression, auto accentuation..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 99986
The Harlequin's Context is a theatre piece in 16 scenes and 4 acts. In those scenes, four channels can shapeshift into different roles such as: offset, random, LFO or envelope. Scene selection can be done manually or can be addressed / sequenced with the CV and gate inputs depending on the set confi..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 99614
OVERVIEWLooking for a few simple filters to attenuate low frequencies?! Hipass from Shakmat offers four fixed Butterworth high pass filters in just 2 HP. Two of them cut off at 30Hz and the other two cut off at 100Hz, all with a slope of -18dB per octave. Perfect to "clean up" your mix!DETAILSThe Hi..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 99463
The Knight's Gallop is a one of a kind computational, voltage controlled rhythm generator. Its two channels allow for polyrhythmic results and its five modes like random, clock division or variations of the Euclidian Pattern generation will provide you with plenty of patterns.DETAILSVariable length ..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 120418
In a simplistic way, The Mod Medusa could be described as an Euclidean LFO : an “algorhythmic” modulation source which produces variable period LFO signals synced to rhythmic patterns. Those patterns are generated by algorithms such as the Euclidean one or different ones coming from the White and Kn..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 99615
OVERVIEWThe Shakmat SumDif consists of two equal units that can perform sum and difference functions. Each section can be used either as a mixer, as a buffered multiple or as a signal inverter, both for audio and for CV. A very handy module in only 2 HP!DETAILSShakmat's SumDif offers two identical s..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: 10005
Made-to-measure PitchThe Tessitura Tailor adds or substracts a precise voltage (from -2 to +2 volts) to the signal received at the CV input. This signal is transposed by octaves, depending on the rotary switch’s position. As the CV input is normalised to 0 volt, the module works without any input as..
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