Shakmat Modular

Shakmat Modular - Clock O’Pawn

OVERVIEWClock O'Pawn focuses on one thing and does it very well: generation of clock signals. Extern..


Shakmat Modular - HiPass

OVERVIEWLooking for a few simple filters to attenuate low frequencies?! Hipass from Shakmat offers f..


Shakmat Modular - SumDif

OVERVIEWThe Shakmat SumDif consists of two equal units that can perform sum and difference functions..


Shakmat Modular - White Gallop

The White Gallop is an alternative variant of the Knight's Gallop from the same manufacturer. Maybe ..


Shakmat Modular Bishop's Michellany

Briliant and sophisticated dual stepped CV/Gate recorder! The recording of simultaneously two CVs an..


Shakmat Modular Four Bricks Rook

A treat for finger drummers – Four Bricks Rook is a trigger sequencer especially designed for progra..


Shakmat Modular Knight's Gallop

The Knight's Gallop is a one of a kind computational, voltage controlled rhythm generator. Its two c..


Shakmat Modular Time Wizard

The Time Wizard converts simple clock signals into weird, polyrhythmic trigger sequences. – Great ba..