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Neuzeit Instruments WarpEx

WarpEx extends Warp to a polyphonic synthesizer for MPE, MIDI and Gate + CV.
Requires the Warp main module.

Main functions

  • Use separate Gate + CV per voice or MIDI to play Warp as a 4-voice polyphonic synth
  • Polyphony and MPE support unleash the full potential of Warp
  • New MIDI modulation sources can be routed to all destinations in Warp’s modulation matrix:
  • Velocity, Pitchbend, Aftertouch, Tilt / ModWheel CC
  • Separate Trigger/Gate (0-5 volts) and V/Oct inputs (±8 volts) for each voice, can be used in parallel with MIDI
  • MIDI In and MIDI Thru. Two Type-B to DIN adapters are included
  • Button for quick switching and LED indication of voice modes (mono, poly and MPE)
  • MIDI channel and MPE channels can be set in Warp
  • Adjustable slew rate for aftertouch, tilt and pitchbend to play intuitively even with cheap pad controllers
  • Adjustable pitchbend range and legato on/off
  • One-touch auto calibration with precision voltage source as reference
  • Power supply and communication via a single connector cable from Warp
  • Closed back and high quality construction


With four-voice polyphony, Warp unfolds its full potential. Due to its texture-rich character Warp is not only suitable for the modular-typical short bleeps and blops but also for long drawn sounds, chords and progressions. These are the best prerequisites for polyphonic playing with sequencer and keyboard.

In addition to classic MIDI, MPE is also supported, for which Warp is ideally suited, as there are so many unique parameters for changing the timbre. Warp's factory presets are already designed for MPE playability. Each note is transmitted on its own midi channel in MPE, so pitch bend is transmitted separately for each key pressed, as well as aftertouch and a CC (tilt) value. These are available in Warp's modulation matrix as separate sources and can be assigned to all destinations. This means that while holding down a key can increase the pressure and thus change the sound, but also that the position on which you touch the key has a further influence on the timbre. Some keyboards also support key tilt, which allows pitch and vibrato to be controlled for individual notes.

But WarpEx can also be used to control the voices individually via gate + CV, for example from a multi-track sequencer. Hybrid setups are also possible, where MIDI notes and control voltages are added and e.g. pitch offsets can be given via control voltage.

Due to the automatic calibration function of Warp, optimal tracking over the complete voltage range is also guaranteed in WarpEx.

WarpEx has not its own manual but is described in detail and in context within the manual of Warp.

Included in delivery:
- 2 x MIDI to DIN adapter, Type-B
- Connector cable to Warp main module (no separate power cable needed)
- 3mm rack screws