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Neuzeit Instruments

Brand: Neuzeit Instruments Model: NI-ORBIT
Bitcrusher, Harmonizer, VCF, VCA, EQ, Envelope Generator / FollowerMake simple things sound rich! Orbit is a mighty tool for transforming any kind of sound into a totally new sound design. In combination with an oscillator this module forms a complete synth voice. Orbit is a versatile tool for sound..
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Brand: Neuzeit Instruments Model: NI-QUASAR
Binaural 3D audio mixerQuasar brings 3D spatial audio to the Eurorack world. It is a two-channel audio mixer that uses binaural algorithms. You can seamlessly move sounds around your head, dynamically change the angle, height and distance in real time.Main functions:2 mono inputsStereo output (two s..
Ex Tax:410.08€
Brand: Neuzeit Instruments Model: NI-WARP
Next-level synthesizer voice with a novel engine for additive wavetable synthesis Warp uses a novel hybrid engine that combines the best of additive and wavetable synthesis. With the integrated editor you can playfully draw your own frequency spectra like on a canvas into the colorful XY sound ..
Ex Tax:587.40€
Brand: Neuzeit Instruments Model: NI-WARPEX
WarpEx extends Warp to a polyphonic synthesizer for MPE, MIDI and Gate + CV.Requires the Warp main module.Main functionsUse separate Gate + CV per voice or MIDI to play Warp as a 4-voice polyphonic synthPolyphony and MPE support unleash the full potential of WarpNew MIDI modulation sources can be ro..
Ex Tax:100.00€
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