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Mogami 2534 Quad Pro Cable XLR-Jack Balanced 1M with Neutrik

The Mogami 2534 Neglex Quad high-definition cable is made of oxygen-free copper (OFC). A four-wire signal transmission and the extremely dense spiral shield effectively suppress electromagnetic interference from outside. Compared to other symmetrical signal routing, external interference signals are reduced by a further 15dB. The result is recordings without interference and an expanded usable dynamic range. The low capacity of the cable guarantees genuine transparency and richness of detail of the audio signal transmitted. Features: unique, high-quality sound properties flexible, robust, easy to install.

The cable is manufactured in Japan by Mogami and individually assembled in Greece. Every cable is subjected to extensive measurements and tests before shipping for guaranteed quality.Synthesizer.GR grants a 10-year guarantee on these cables from the date of purchase.

Cable: Mogami Neglex 2534
Connector A: Neutrik Gold 6.35mm TRS (NP3 XB)
Connector B: Neutrik Gold XLR male (NC3 MXX-B)