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Mogami 2524 Instrument Cable 0,5 M Neutrik Gold 6.3mm TS angled jack - TS angled jack

Mogami 2524 Instrument Cable | Neutrik Gold 6.3mm TS angle jack - TS angle jack | Hi-Fi

The cable uses the MOGAMI 2524 instrument cable and is characterized by an inner conductor structure of 50 individual cores, which guarantees maximum flexibility and durability. The high-purity copper (OFC) used guarantees maximum signal fidelity. The extremely dense spiral shielding as well as an extra shielding made of carbon PVC effectively prevent electromagnetic and mechanical interference.

The cable is manufactured in Japan by Mogami and individually assembled in Greece by SynthesizerGR. Every cable is subjected to extensive measurements and tests before shipping for guaranteed quality. SynthesizerGR grants a 10-year guarantee on these cables from the date of purchase.

Cable: Mogami Neglex 2524
Connector A: 
Neutrik Gold 6.3mm TS 90º (NP2 RX-B)
Connector B: Neutrik Gold 6.3mm TS 90º (NP2 RX-B)

0,5 M