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Make Noise XOH

The XOH (miX Out Headphone) music synthesizer module is a stereo mixer, headphone amplifier and output interfacing module for your modular synthesizer. It consists of two stereo input channels with independent level controls, and two stereo outputs: one pair of independent line level left and right outputs at unity gain; and one TRS headphone or line level output with dedicated level control.

Works well with stereo modules: Erbe-Verb, Morphagene, QPAS, X-PAN, Mimeophon

Two mono/stereo input channels, ChA & ChB

Independent level controls for ChA & Ch B

Two stereo outputs containing A/B mix

Independent unity gain L/R Line Level outputs

TRS Headphone and Line Level output with level control (same line drive circuit used in the CV Bus Case)

Adjust Modular Level signals down to Line Level with soft Limiting to protect your ears and line level gear