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Knobula Poly Cinematic

Knobula Poly Cinematic
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Knobula Poly Cinematic
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8 voice polyphonic synthesiser

56 Oscillators, 8 Voices, 0 Presets
Introducing Poly Cinematic. The powerful compact synthesiser that brings big synth polyphony to Eurorack. Simple to use with immediate control over your sound without any hidden menus. Poly Cinematic can be played both with a midi keyboard and without, since it can memorise the last 8 chord shapes you played it opens up fantastic opportunities as a CV/Gate module to create massive stacked sounds and sequenced chord progressions.

Here is a list of main features:
8 fully polyphonic voices each including...
• 7 oscillator super saw
• 3 oscillator syncable square/pulse
• 3 oscillator tone wheel generator
• chord memory triggered by cv/gate
• built in high definition stereo reverb
• 3 filter types

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