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Intellijel Designs Steppy 3U

Intellijel Steppy is a flexible four-track programmable gate sequencer with up to 64 steps. It features eight internal memory slots, external clocking, various tweakable parameters and a hands-on design designed with performance in mind! Each track has its own clock divider, swing and delay setting which brings a lot of flexibility. Furthermore polyrhythms are possible thanks to an individual step length per track. The sequence can be programmed with the help of the buttons or tapped in live. Intellijel added a probability function, which will bring drum patterns to life!

Steppy is a four-track gate sequencer with many functions. An external clock is needed to make it run. The LED next to the CLK input flashes with each trigger. Thanks to the RST input, a gate or trigger can bring back all patterns to their first step. Patterns can be programmed by turning steps on/off in a grid. Alternatively it is possible to tap in the rhythms in real-time with the Tap Recording function. 

Each track provides individual options:

  • step length (1 to 64 steps)
  • gate length (short to long)
  • clock division (/1 to /64)
  • swing setting (50% to 78%)
  • delay setting (0 to 58%)
  • probability setting (0 to 100%)
  • pattern shift (up to 4 steps forward or backward)

Steppy can function in three different modes.

In Play Mode, the buttons set and display gate patterns. Sixteen steps are displayed at once, which gives a good overview of the selected track.

In Select Mode, the buttons perform the functions indicated by the labels with the black background, enabling mute on/off for each track, as well as allowing Page Follow function, looping and pattern clearing and reset. Furthermore this mode enables you to copy patterns or entire pages.

In Edit Mode, the buttons select and modify various parameters such as gate length, clock division, swing, delay and probability, as indicated by the labels beneath the bottom row of buttons. In this mode, patterns can be saved to one of the eight memory-slots.

Clock input
Reset eingang
Four Trigger outputs (A, B, C, D)
3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 25mm deep
current draw: 15mA at +12V and <1mA at -12V