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Intellijel Designs Amps

Dual, Multi-Function and Chainable VCA

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Amps comprises two precision linear VCAs that have been carefully designed to offer a wealth of flexibility and additional functionality. The front panel controls and signal normals allow these two VCAs to also be configured to function as: line level boosters, crossfaders, ring modulators, mixers, and much more.  They can also be chained together by way of an included cable to form larger, more complex systems.

Amps features cascaded CV inputs and cascaded mix outputs allowing it to be used in a number of versatile configurations. A boost switch enables you to amplify each VCA’s input by either +6dB or +20dB — ideal for boosting low amplitude signals or pleasingly overdriving audio. The addition of a phase inversion switch for the second channel allows Amps to function as a ring modulator. The CV normalization, which can also be inverted and offset, also allows for VC-Crossfader functionality.


  • Manual LEVEL slider per VCA — convenient when using the module as a mixer, or for biasing the signal for CV (such as when modulating the VCA with a bipolar LFO).

  • Dedicated CV attenuators with dual color LEDs for monitoring bipolar CV signals.

  • Linear response curve.

  • Input and CV normalling of VCA A to VCA B to allow a single source to feed and/or control both VCAs.

  • Output normalling of VCA A to VCA B to allow both VCAs to feed a single output.

  • Each VCA has a boost switch that can increase the output level by either +6dB or +20dB.

  • Phase Invert switch on VCA B allows for ring modulation capabilities.

  • CV Invert switch on both VCAs allows for crossfading one signal into another.

  • 4-pin link connectors on the rear panel allow for multiple AMPS modules to be chained together to create a 4-channel mixer; 6-channel mixer; etc.

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