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Fairfield Circuitry The Barbershop

Fairfield Barbershop Overdrive V2

Represent the new millenia with this brand new take on Fairfield Circuitry’s coveted Barbershop

Have you ever sat in a barber’s chair wishing your tone was as slick as your freshly shaved upper lip? With the Barbershop Overdrive on your pedalboard, you could keep your moustache and sound good doing it.

The Barbershop is an original design, not a clone.

Raw, gritty, warm, smooth, open and transparent are all terms that have been used to describe this overdrive. It sounds great with any setup, but truly shines when used to dirty up a tube amp.



Sets the interstage gain of the amplifiers. More gain means more distortion. The wide operating range al- lows you to go from an almost clean gain to a tasty rich overdrive.


The Sag control reduces the voltage to the amplifiers as you turn it counter clockwise, giving additional control over the character and feel of the saturation. The lower the Sag, the browner the sound. Full voltage is applied when the control is set fully clockwise. It is at this setting that the pedal has the potential to be its cleanest and loudest.


A 3-position switch allows to select between different flavours of high cut. In the middle, there is no cut, like the classic Barbershop of days passed. To the right, a sub-

tle high cut to tame ever so slightly the feeling of bright- ness accompanied with the Barbershop. To the left, a more extreme cut for those times when you want to delve into your dark side.


Controls the output volume of the pedal while keeping the effect unchanged. This is where you have plenty of room to boost.


The Barbershop Overdrive can be powered by either a 9V battery or a typical 9V AC/DC adapter (9VDC, center negative).
Like most pedals, the input is switched in order to turn the pedal ON when a 1/4” jack is in place. If using a battery, to avoid draining it unnecessarily, always unplug the IN jack when not in use.