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Fairfield Circuitry Modele B

Fairfield Circuitry Modele B

The Fairfield Circuitry Modele B has a flat and wide, just like the Barbershop, like the middle tone position of the Millenium Edition.

For everyone out there who nevers turns off their Barbershop, this is for you. The same circuit in a tiny box, no bypass switch, no light. You can select between two tone options via a jumper inside the pedal:

  • flat and wide, like the original Barbershop, like the middle tone position of the Millenium Edition
  • light, high frequency cut, like the right tone position of the Millenium Edition

Always on, never off, this is serious.

As we said, it sounds the same as the Barbershop which you can see here.



Sets the interstage gain of the amplifiers. More gain means more distortion. The wide operating range al- lows you to go from an almost clean gain to a tasty rich overdrive.


The Sag control reduces the voltage to the amplifiers as you turn it counter clockwise, giving additional control over the character and feel of the saturation. The lower the Sag, the browner the sound. Full voltage is applied when the control is set fully clockwise. It is at this setting that the pedal has the potential to be its cleanest and loudest.


Controls the output volume of the pedal while keeping the effect unchanged. This is where you have plenty of room to boost.

Tone control? – there isn’t one!

Don’t forget, a tone control is not needed with this pedal because it is always on. Just adjust your amp or other outboard EQ.

The Sag control does give some tone change, of course. Turn down the sag for that old school slightly mush blue sound , or high up for more crispy edge of break up type drive.