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Empress Effects ParaEQ MKII

Empress ParaEq MKII is a parametric and transparent EQ pedal and the second version of one of the most sold Empress’ EQ pedals.

The original ParaEq has been loved and trusted by musicians on a variety of instruments for over a decade. Both the ParaEq MKII and the ParaEq MKII Deluxe feature a low-noise, transparent signal path that is extremely versatile. With three fully parametric bands, you can simultaneously achieve broad tonal shaping and precise fine-tuning to sculpt your perfect sound.

This is a parametric EQ pedal. Parametric EQ is much more precise in the changes it can make, whereas the traditional graphic EQ affects nearly the entire frequency spectrum. The ParaEq is also a more transparent circuit than a graphic EQ. This combination of transparency and precision is why recording studio control rooms are dominated by parametric equalizers, and why they’re a great choice for creative and corrective EQ on your pedalboard.

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