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Dreadbox Disorder

High Gain Self-Oscillating Filter
Aggressive Gated Fuzz

DISORDER is a very aggressive fuzz pedal with a twist. It is equipped with an oscillating filter, that allows you to produce oscillating fuzz sounds. Additionally, it has a low pass and high pass filter, which makes it suitable for guitar and bass as well. Finally, an envelope follower is also present, allowing you to create wah-wah sounds.

Key Features

·       Dreadbox Fully analog BBD-based signal path

·       Equipped with an Oscillating Filter

·       Low Pass and High Pass Filters

·       “Reson” Knob controls Feedback Amount

·       Works great with Guitar and Bass

·       Envelope Follower allows for wah-wah sounds

·       CV ports for Synths and Modular

·       Buffered CMOS bypass

·       Requires 9V DC power supply (not included)