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Doepfer A-135-5 Polyphonic Mixer

Polyphonic voltage controlled mixer / Suboctave generator

Module A-135-5 is a combination of a voltage controlled polyphonic mixer and a polyphonic suboctave generator. It is made of 12 voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs) which are arranged in form of a 4x3 matrix. Herewith up to three four-voice polyphonic signals (e.g. the outputs of three polyphonic VCOs A-111-4) can be mixed. The level of each of the three polyphonic channels (A, B, C) with four voices each can be controlled manually or by means of an external control voltage with associated attenuators.
In addition the module features four frequency dividers which derive the suboctaves from the four input signals of channel A. The suboctave signals are wired to the switching contacts of the sockets of channel B. As long as the sockets of channel B are not patched the suboctave signals of channel A are used as inputs for channel B. The suboctaves are symmetrical rectangle waves with half the frequency of the corresponding signal A. For example two polyphonic VCOs A-111-4) can be used and patched to the channels A and C. Channel B then provides the suboctaves of channel A.
As the module is fully DC coupled it can be used also for the mixing of control voltages in a polyphonic environment (e.g. for envelopes, LFOs or other control voltages).
The switching contacts of the 12 input sockets and the four outputs are internally connected to pin headers. That way the module can be internally pre-patched to other polyphonic modules (e.g. the four inputs A to an A-111-4, the four inputs C to another A-111-4 and the outputs to the polyphonic filter A-105-4). As the switching contacts of the sockets are used for the internal pre-patching the internal patch can be overridden by using the sockets at the front panel.

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