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Cre8audio Cellz

Programmable CV touchpad and sequencer. The Cre8audio Cellz Programmable CV Touch Pad is a unique and versatile module that can be used in multiple ways.
The Cre8Audio Cellz acts as a dual unipolar control voltage generator. It features 16 touch-sensitive pads which can be set to two 12-bit values. You can toggle between semi-tone quantized or free scale settings, with a range spanning between 0V and 5V. Using Cellz to process clock or LFO pulses, will result in them triggering and cycle through each cell. This gives you the ability to create sequences and rhythms.

The Cellz module is a 12HP module that provides new and exciting ways to interact with sound. The programmable module is highly versatile, acting as both a control interface and a CV touchpad that you can use to sequence sounds.

It also features a range of connections including gate and CV. There are also outputs for the two tuning controls, allowing you to control them via an external module. The two tuning knobs are perfect for dialing in your settings with the utmost precision.

Programmable CV touchpad and sequencer
Tactile control surface/unique sequencer
16 touch-sensitive pads
Each touch pad can set to two 12-bit values (semi-tone quantized or free scale)
Touch pad values range from 0V to 5V
Processing Clock or LFO pulses will automatically trigger and cycle through each cell
Dual unipolar control voltage generator

Width: 12HP
Depth: 30mm
Power Draw:
2.5mA power draw when running +12V rail
27mA power draw when running +5V rail
1.5mA power draw when running -12V
0-10V voltage range output 1
0-10V voltage range output 2
Minimum voltage required to set LFO triggers 1/2 high: 0.8V

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