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Cicognani SexyComp 76

SEXYCOMP76 is a high quality photo-resistor compressor/limiter optimized for live use and studio recording with guitar, bass and acoustic string instruments. It offers two modes:
1. Compressor
2. Limiter

COMPRESSOR: The use of the compressor is often made necessary to guarantee a greater length of the note played, better depth of sound, to attenuate excess signal peaks thus ensuring a unique sound stroke. SEXYCOMP76 properly adjusted will increase the volume level (clean threshold) of your amply.
LIMITER: The limiter mode is much more intuitive and is born in order to establish a maximum signal level also reducing energetically the excesses.

The INPUT command establishes the “level” of intervention volume while the RATIO “how much”.

OUTPUT adjusts the output volume restoring the correct proportion of sound in/out level.

TONE is a passive tone control useful for rebalancing the average acute frequencies to suit one’s taste.

MODE is a mix from a whole compressor to a whole limiter. Only with the “MODE” level control can you switch between settings that are softer to an aggressive use of the unit.

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