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Befaco BF-22 Sallen Key Filter

The BF-22 VCF is a dual Hi/Low-pass filter inspired by the Sallen-Key filter from the early MS-20.


  • The module features attenuverters (inverter-attenuators) as an addition to the normal CV control for Cutoff and Resonance, and offers a little more presence in the Resonance than the original. The CV control for Cut-off keeps tracking through 3 octaves.
  • The ‘Link’ switch connects the input of the second unit into the output of the first.
  • This filter brings to your modular system the character and characteristics of early MS-20 sound: Kick-ass-rocking-dirty screams! It inherited not only its amazing sound, but also the MS-20 noise floor. If the noise floor is an issue for you, this might not be the filter for you.

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