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Allpedal Alcmene

Introducing Alcmene: a mini pedal loaded with all the authentic qualities that the Klon Centaur is known for. It features germanium clipping diodes, a gold-plated circuit board, active treble control, a buffer and much more! Able to give a little more gain than the classic Klon, the Alcmene will offer those much appreciated sounds of light transparent overdrive as well as pure germanium saturation to play in a more rocking register.

- Gain: saturation level
- Volume : output volume of the effect
- Treble : active treble control
- 9V DC standard (negative center)

Allpedal is a division of WGS (Warehouse Guitar Speakers), an American manufacturer of guitar and bass speakers established for over 35 years and which has been equipping a multitude of renowned boutique amp brands for many years.


Allpedal takes great care in the aesthetics of their cabinets with sophisticated embossed artwork and anodized knobs. Motivated by the desire to keep the pedals in the best condition as long as possible, they come with a blank backplate (except for the Devil's Triad) to receive the velcro for mounting on pedalboards.


With the confidence of many WGS endorsed artists, Allpedal received an enthusiastic response in the pedal market that immediately propelled the brand's reputation.

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