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Vermona DRM1 MKIV

Vermona DRM1 MKIV
Vermona DRM1 MKIV
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We’re excited to launch this brand new update to our classic drum and percussion synthesizer VERMONA DRM1. The DRM1 is a key part in our history. Its first generation, released in the 90s as Syncussion DRM1, caught wide attention. The MKII-version then continued and broadened the success and breathed new life into the VERMONA brand at the turn of the millennium. With the DRM1 MKIII, that we have been building since 2006, we can now look back at a total of 25 years of DRM1! This makes it one of the longest-lived electronic musical instruments. And we’re ready to launch the next quarter-century with this analog drum synthesizer from VERMONA.

DRM1 MKIV: Familiar, yet evolved

At first glance, you may not notice any difference from its predecessor. Indeed, from the outside, there isn’t any! The overall concept and user interface have remained the same: There are eight instrument channels, each with nine knobs for sound shaping, pan and volume control. The DRM1 is a musical instrument, a creative tool that wants to be touched and played.

Instead of trying to reinvent or change an already well-proven external design, with this update to version MKIV we decided to focus on the inside. We took time to thoroughly listen into the circuits and put energy and care into its details: Thoughtfully tweaking frequency ranges, revamping control curves, adjusting levels and redesigning sub-circuits. Our goal was to make the DRM1 MKIV the best drum synthesizer we've ever built!

DRM1 MKIV: Sociable and dynamic

To make integration into your studio more comfortable, we equipped the DRM1 MKIV with USB-MIDI in addition to the standard MIDI connections.

The optional trigger inputs have been significantly upgraded. Beyond gate pulses, they now also accept different voltage levels for triggering the instrument channels dynamically. The DRM1 MKIV with trigger inputs can also convert the analog signals into MIDI notes via USB or the newly added MIDI OUT connector making it an incredibly versatile MIDI interface.

Whether you're controlling the DRM1 MKIV via a DAW, a hardware sequencer, or a modular system, you’ll have the proper connection and further the ability to send the MIDI notes to additional devices.

DRM1 MKIV: More power under the hood

The power supply of the DRM1 MKIV is completely new. It now works anywhere in the world, without having to manually change the mains voltage. This is a huge relief for all of you who use the instrument at live shows. No less important: it works more energy-efficient than the old one!

DRM1 MKIV: Availability

The DRM1 MKIV will be available in March/April 2021. We are looking forward to your feedback, comments and questions.

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