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Tasty Chips Electronics ECR-1 Eurorack Convolver

Tasty Chips Electronics ECR-1 Eurorack Convolver
Tasty Chips Electronics ECR-1 Eurorack Convolver
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We originally designed this module to offer the Eurorack community access to long and lush natural stereo reverbs, and to allow tweaks in real-time with minimal delay. But it goes well beyond a mere reverb module.

The ECR-1 offers various modulation options: for instance, the position in the response sample, allowing for filter-like sweeps. Another example is modulating between two reverb spaces. It’s even possible to pitch bend the response sample in real-time. Want to record your own response and use that right away? No problem. That’s what a modular system is for, right?


– Long true-stereo natural reverbs (23 seconds max).

– Dual simultaneous reverbs (foreground and background).

– Multi-channel display with envelope and parameter-value overlays, and a clipping indicator.

– Predictive gain control (to preemptively stop the output from blowing up).

– Stereo or dual-mono input, accepts line level or Doepfer Eurorack level. Adjustable using gain control knob.

– Separate dry and wet knobs.

– Attack-Release Envelope with direct controls (2 knobs).

– Cross fade knob (cross fades between the foreground and background response)

– Pre-delay up to 2 seconds.

– Rotary encoder to quickly select responses (internal presets and the ones present on USB/SD).

– High-pass (12 dB/oct) filter with adjustable cutoff.

– Real-time pitch adjustment of response (-2 .. +2 octave).

– Dual mono (stereo pair) output.

– Record responses to USB / SD.

– Use responses from USB / SD.

– 4 modulation CV’s:

– Response sample position

– Crossfade

– Stereo width

– Wet

– Audition feature to quickly evaluate responses.

– High quality ALPS potentiometers.

– 1.5″ color display that’s perfectly viewable from all angles


– 48 kHz stereo input (90 dB SNR) and output (100 dB SNR)

– 1.5″ true color 128×128 pixel OLED

– USB2.0 port with Micro SD card adapter, SD card included.

– Saves samples as 32 bit float stereo WAV files.

– 10 bit resolution and ~50 Hz refresh on potentiometer action.

– +12V, -12V powered (5V busboard line not used)

– Measurements:

– 130 mm / 25.6 HP wide

– approx 5cm deep (counting from the front plate)

– Scratch proof and solvent proof anodized front plate.

Power consumption:

+12V: 180 mA (idle) – 400 mA (longest reverbs and continuously modulating)

-12V: 21 mA

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