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OXI Instruments Pipe

OXI Pipe – Eurorack breakout module for the OXI ONE sequencer 6HP

  • Routes the 8 CVs and 8 gates outputs + the Reset/CV in and the clock inputs through one single HDMI cable.
  • Compact 6 HP design.
  • No power supply required, consumption: 0 mA.
  • Improves mobility for eurorack users.
  • Two OXI Pipe allow interconnection between racks.

The OXI Pipe includes a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable for free.
If the cable doesn’t suit your needs, you can get your own. Any 2.0 HDMI or high version (4K or more) would work.

Longer cables can reduce the accuracy and quality of the CV signals.

Tags: OXI , Instruments , Pipe