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myVolts AABEK2 2 Battery ReVolt Kit (AAA)

ReVolt 2-battery kit lets you power any device that needs 2 x AAA batteries from a USB port instead.

Kit contains an AAA bridge cable that gives the device a DC power jack input, an AAA dummy battery and a 3V Ripcord USB cable. The ribbon cable that protrudes is robust enough to deliver power to your device, yet flat enough to allow you to easily close the door on the device's battery compartment.

With ReVolt, you'll never need to put batteries into your device again. You can power it whichever way suits you - from a wall phone charger, a USB port on your laptop, a USB powerbank, a USB wall plug, or even from a USB solar cell.

Included in the 2-battery kit:

  • ReVolt AAA Bridge cable with AAA dummy battery
  • myVolts 3V Ripcord USB to DC power cable, centre

If you want to power a device that needs 2 x AA batteries, add to your order 2 x ReVolt AAA Dummy Battery

Not sure what you need to power your device? Drop us an email at and we'll advise - we've 15 years' experience powering devices and we'd love to solve your power problem, big or small.

Why buy ReVolt?

  • Adaptable: Use in 1000's of devices: Christmas lights, LED lights, toys, radios, musical instruments, handheld games consoles and thousands more...
  • Flexible: Use with any USB port.
  • Mobile: Power your device with a USB power bank for total power freedom.
  • Global: ReVolt can be safely used anywhere in the world.
  • Multi-use: Take it out of one device, use it in another.
  • Non-destructive: Remove it and your device can take standard batteries again, any time.
  • Economical: Buy once.
  • Durable: Use 1000's of times.
  • Environmentally friendly: No consumables to dispose of.
  • Modular: Get add-ons from the ReVolt system to power different devices.
  • Assurance: Battery glows red on power connection and DC adapter has two indicator LEDs
  • No cut-outs: Always know your device will have power.
  • No leaks: Safely store devices with ReVolt installed
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