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Meng Qi Crackle Box Toy Meng Qi Crackle Box Toy
Brand: Meng Qi Model: 99510
The Crackle Box is a creaky-squeaky noise synthesizer. For playing the instrument, there are six touch surfaces. Results sound somewhat like an electronic rodent. Thanks to battery operation and an integrated speaker, the Crackle Box can be played anywhere. For “professional” use, there is a mini ja..
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Brand: Meng Qi Model: 30408
The Meng Qi DPLPG is a Dual Passive 1-pole vactrol based Low Pass Gate/VCA in modest 2 HP. No power is required as the design is completely passive. Handpicked components ensure that the modules will be musical.Feed it a trigger and enjoy the natural smooth decay of a vactrol. HP : 2..
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Meng Qi DU-KRPLS (Circuit-Bent Digital Waveguide)
Brand: Meng Qi Model: 30409
DU-KRPLS is a physical modeling synthesizer voice that simulates the sound of string instruments. It is based on Karplus Strong algorithms. Small errors in the code were added to create results reminiscent of circuit bending. Compared to the Karp, this module is even more glitchy and unpredicta..
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Brand: Meng Qi Model: 99511
OVERVIEWThe Dual Stereo Volume is a dual passive attenuator built from high-quality ALPS potentiometers. It is meant as an output module or as an addition to stereo output transformers which do not feature a volume control. Of course, it is also useful for any other stereo signal in your system, for..
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Brand: Meng Qi Model: 99512
Hand records friction on the front panel using a piezo element. Results are converted into a CV sequence. The voltage curves can be smoothed via a slew potentiometer. A reset input allows you to restart the sequence at any time. At the end of each pattern cycle, a trigger signal is generated.Operati..
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Brand: Meng Qi Model: 45102
OVERVIEWThe Lines is a matrix router, which can be “played” via metal springs. Incoming signals are routed and split by the touch of your fingers. Fixed voltage sources make it possible to use the module as a CV generator. Thanks to a diagonal output layout, the Lines’ results are often surprising.D..
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Brand: Meng Qi Model: 99513
Please Exist 2 is an analog interface with passive circuitry. It can be used as a two-channel input or output stage. You may connect line-level synthesizers or drum computers to your Eurorack setup with this module. The other way round, it is possible to send audio signals from the Modular system to..
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Brand: Meng Qi Model: 99514
The Meng Qi Split module is a passive multiple with one input and five outputs. Four of the outs feature attenuators, making the module a great choice for routing one modulation signal to several targets at individual levels. It is also useful for splitting audio signals. Think parallel processing o..
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