Meng Qi

Meng Qi - Crackle Box Toy

The Crackle Box is a creaky-squeaky noise synthesizer. For playing the instrument, there are six tou..


Meng Qi - Dual Stereo Volume (Passive dual stereo attenuator)

OVERVIEWThe Dual Stereo Volume is a dual passive attenuator built from high-quality ALPS potentiomet..


Meng Qi - Hand

Hand records friction on the front panel using a piezo element. Results are converted into a CV sequ..


Meng Qi - Please Exist 2

Please Exist 2 is an analog interface with passive circuitry. It can be used as a two-channel input ..


Meng Qi - Split

The Meng Qi Split module is a passive multiple with one input and five outputs. Four of the outs fea..


Meng Qi DPLPG Dual Passive Low Pass Gate

The Meng Qi DPLPG is a Dual Passive 1-pole vactrol based Low Pass Gate/VCA in modest 2 HP. No power ..


Meng Qi DU-KRPLS (Circuit-Bent Digital Waveguide)

DU-KRPLS is a physical modeling synthesizer voice that simulates the sound of string instrument..


Meng Qi Lines

OVERVIEWThe Lines is a matrix router, which can be “played” via metal springs. Incoming signals are ..