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Eventide Misha
-15 %
Brand: Eventide Model: EVENTIDE-MISHA
Misha is an innovative Eurorack instrument/sequencer that utilizes a unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies. It’s designed to be played like a keyboard instrument and yet it makes music in a way unlike any instrument before it. In addition to playing it live, you can also r..
519.99€ 609.00€
Ex Tax:436.97€
Norand Morphos
-25 %
Brand: Norand Model: 120624
Complex analogue VCO in Eurorack format featuring 3D morphing and contextual modulation The eagerly awaited Eurorack VCO from NORAND is now available.Morphos’ preset strips are groups of four specially developed FSR sensors that can precisely detect vertical, horizontal and pressure information..
299.00€ 398.00€
Ex Tax:251.26€
Xaoc Devices Batumi LFO + Poti Expander Bundle Xaoc Devices Batumi LFO + Poti Expander Bundle
-16 %
Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: BATUMIBUNDLE
1974 Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator• 4 voltage controlled LFOs in one package• free, quadrature, phase and divide modes• assignable waveform outputs• assignable reset/tap tempo inputs• zoom mode for precise frequency setting• USB conenctor for alternate firmware• reversed power protectionhttp://..
319.99€ 381.99€
Ex Tax:268.90€
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