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iConnectivity mioXL

iConnectivity mioXL
iConnectivity mioXL
iConnectivity mioXL
iConnectivity mioXL
iConnectivity mioXL
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With RTP/Network-MIDI, 10 USB-MIDI ports, and 8 in x 12 out MIDI-DIN ports, the iConnectivity mioXL lets you connect all your devices and instruments.

MioXL is iConnectivity's flagship MIDI power-house, packed full with the very best technology and innovations. With mioXL it's never been easier to get huge amounts of MIDI gear connected and talking to each other. Harness the power of advanced computer and network connectivity and experience why mioXL redefines what a flagship MIDI interface can and should do.

Connect all your MIDI devices (USB-MIDI, DIN-MIDI, RTP/Network-MIDI) and Mac, PC, and iOS computing devices to each other, and let this rugged, versatile interface put you in control of your MIDI devices and workflow.

On stage or in the studio, RTP/Network-MIDI capability means you are no longer constrained by cable length or limited USB ports. Stack multiple interfaces and computers on a network for ultimate scalability and flexibility.

With mioXL you're able to streamline and expand your MIDI setup, no matter how massive and demanding. Even though it's a powerful MIDI interface, mioXL is still accessible to all users, allowing you to do whatever you want with MIDI faster, better, and in creative and exciting ways.

Ethernet connectivity means MIDI is on the network wherever you need it. Regular USB connectivity limits you to keeping your interface within 15ft of your computer. Ethernet connectivity gives you up to 330ft / 100m connection between you and your interface. Drop an interface in every room of your studio, or place an interface virtually anywhere in a venue.

RTP/Network-MIDI is not bound by some of the same restrictions as USB-MIDI, but the unique network technology is as easy to use as USB! Enjoy your new-found MIDI power without extra headaches. Use your 22 network MIDI ports any way you want. Connect each of the 22 RTP-MIDI sessions to any combination of physical or virtual I/O ports.


- 8 in x 12 out 5-pin DIN-MIDI ports
- 10x USB-MIDI host ports support multiple USB-MIDI CLASS COMPLIANT MIDI peripherals
- Ethernet RTP-MIDI Network port - 22 virtual network ports can easily be assigned to onboard DIN and USB ports as well as any other connected computing devices. These make all MIDI devices accessible to Mac, PC, iOS and other mobile computing devices via a single cable.
- Connect multiple computers via assignable virtual network ports
- USB Computer port supporting Mac, Windows, and iOS connectivity (iOS via CCK)
- Plug and Play - no drivers required thanks to class compliant connectivity
- OLED display with rotary encoder for navigating presets and real-time monitoring of MIDI traffic
- iConnectivity's Auracle 2.0 configuration software (downloadable for Mac & Windows) makes it simple to create and save filtering/routing/merging presets
- Connect iOS devices via CCK, WiFi (using 3rd party Wi-Fi ethernet hub), or wired ethernet connections
- Easy renaming of network ports - have them show up the way you want them to in your DAW
- Access to more than 22 ports per interface

- What's in the box:
- 1x mioXL
- 1x USB Cable.
- 1x Ethernet cable
- 1x mioXL 12V 36W Power Supply with interchangeable blades (NA, EU, UK and AU (Australia only)).