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Electro Harmonix C9 Organ

Electro-Harmonix C9: A Plethora of Classic Organ Sounds in Pedal

If you and your axe love the infamous B9, then you'll simply adore the Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine pedal. This amazingly dynamic modulation pedal lays nine different organ sounds at your feet, with modulation and key click controls to adjust some of the tonal dimensions of your signal in various ways with immense accuracy. You have the option of blending this pedal's dry and organ outputs for some interesting mixing opportunities, and the C9's small pedalboard-friendly size allows you to use this machine of sound in conjunction with a whole host of other effects pedals to get some really experimental output.

Tones, Tones, and More Tones

Your C9 Organ Machine's settings control dial displays nine different organ and keyboard sounds for your playing pleasure. Each tone brings a different aural element to the mix, so take your time playing around with each one when considering which avenue to take. The Leslie-style speaker sound on this pedal is remarkably close to what you would expect from an actual rotating speaker, while the modulation and key click controls effect each setting in a unique and particular way.

Explore the 9 different organ sounds within the C9 with this video from Electro-Harmonix:

Modulation and Key Click Controls

For the Tone Wheel organ setting, the Modulation dial adds the warble of a Leslie speaker, while the Key Click control brings in that distinct natural sound inherent in tonewheel organs. For the non-tonewheel sounds, these knobs work a little bit differently. For example, on the Compact setting, which mimics a transistor organ sound, the Modulation control acts as a vibrato control, and the Click control shapes the upper harmonics. Under the Shimmer setting, the Mod controls the attack time, and the Key Click controls the sustain time. Take your axe through each setting to discover how the controls dial in different sounds in different ways.

Dry and Wet Outs for Blending Your Output

When you choose to use the organ output only, you're getting a blend of the dry and effected sounds -- a balance you can control by utilizing your dry and organ volume dials. However, if you want to split your signal into two different cables, use the dry output in conjunction with the organ output. This opens up the door to many processing or mixing possibilities for live settings or recording sessions.

Buffered Bypass Configuration

Many guitarists will argue about the benefits and pitfalls of going with a true-bypass pedal versus a buffered bypass pedal, but what often gets neglected in the discussion is the loss in fidelity of your signal due to cable length. Longer cables over 25 feet can result in a loss of higher-end frequencies. A buffered bypass system helps to keep your signal more intact and consistent over longer cable distances. If you're the type of guitarists who likes to go this route with cable length, the C9's buffered bypass system is right up your alley.


- Modulation pedal with nine awesome presets, including Telstar, Tone Wheel, Prog, and more
- One 1/4" instrument input
- Two 1/4" outputs -- one organ and one dry
- Dry volume, organ volume, modulation, and key click control dials
- Compact pedalboard-friendly size
- Use in conjunction with the B9 for a plethora of interesting sounds
- Blend dry and organ signals or separate them into different amps or channels
- Powered via external power supply -- included
- Buffered bypass syustemWeight, Dimensions, and Manufacturer Part Numbers

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Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 3 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): C9
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Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 3 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): C9

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