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05 Apr Worng Electronics
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The LRMSMSLR takes a stereo input (left and right) then sums them together to create a mid input and creates a signal that's a difference of the two to create a side signal. This is a common mastering technique often doing things such as removing low..
27 Mar Empress Effects
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A Brief Introduction to CV for Guitarists (or Hopefully Anyone)CV can be the most intimidating aspect of ZOIA for the uninitiated.  Control voltage... it sounds like something out of physics or rocket science, full of calculations and obscure, unfami..
27 Mar Death By Audio
pavlidis 0 1122
The ECHO MASTER is a noisy lo-fi echo that makes your vocals blast through with awesomeness like never before. Imagine vintage tape delay at the tip of your voice fingers. Other vocal delay/echo units on the market sound crystal clear and can be good..
27 Mar Earthquaker Devices
pavlidis 0 401
So you’ve got your EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny, or perhaps you are considering acquiring one.Congrats! Good choice of reverb pedal effects.Perhaps you’ve even watched a few of the many videos featuring folk such as our buddy Andy over at Rever..
27 Feb Our Associates
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H sonocurrect Είναι μια νέα συνεργασία μπορετέ να τους βρείτε εδώ
22 Sep New arrivals from Intellijel Designs Passive LPG 1U-Multi FX 1u
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New arrivals from Intellijel Designs Passive LPG 1U-Multi FX 1u..
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