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Ziqal Dimension Mk3

Ziqal Dimension Mk3
Ziqal Dimension Mk3
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The DIMENSION is a eurorack compatible, high quality and
definition, digital audio oscillator. It brings to eurorack moderns wavetables
oscillators technics with unprecedent computing power and flexibility in such
small form factor. Its compatibility with computer world wavetables format standards and processing power
gives your system access to endless new sonic textures and possibility’s.

24 voices
► Chord
► Unison,
► Dual voices
► Full Polyphonic

Multiaxis wavetable morphing
► Up to 8 parrallel wavetables

► Wavetables compatible with : Serum, Vital, …

High res
► 2048 samples x 256 waves per table

► 128 Internal patch, 25 wavetable

Configurables AUX outputs
►Stereo, Dual, Wavetable LFO (Clockable), MIDI Converter, …

The MK3 is a redesign of the Dimension MK2 due to silicon shortage, improovements are :
- Extended MIDI TRS capability to all version A, B,...
- Display mechanical integration.

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