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Brand: WORNG Electronics Model: Acronym
ACRONYM stands forAnalogue CoRe Oscillator New tYpe: Morphing. It combines a solid-tracking triangle core analogue VCO with some unique waveshaping circuits, and packages it all with a user-friendly interface that allows precise control by hand or with CV.The key parts of ACRONYM are:- Triangle core..
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Brand: WORNG Electronics Model: LRMSMSLR
Mid/Side Encoder/DecoderMS (Mid-Side) stereo processing moduleThe LRMSMSLR brings the power of mid/side processing to the world of Eurorack. Mid/side processing is a powerful tool often utilised in mastering studios; it takes a stereo signal and separates it into the mid and side elements, allowing ..
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Brand: WORNG Electronics Model: MidSide+
Through-Zero Mid-Side ProcessorMidSide+ is a development of Worng Electronics' very popular LRMSMSLR module.MidSide+ adds a voltage controlled through-zero width control to the MS->LR decoder section, allowing you to control the width of your mid-side processing from super-wide stereo, through mo..
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Brand: WORNG Electronics Model: Parallax
Stereo LPFParallax is a LPF based on the design of a favourite monosynth of the 80s, the Sequential Pro One, but greatly expanded. It has -12dB/oct as well as -24dB/oct outputs, and stereo inputs and outputs. It can be used mono/stereo by patching a mono source to the left input, which allows the sa..
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Ergonomic VCA with mixingSideCar from WORNG Electronics is a six channel mixing VCA (4x mono, 2x stereo) with 45mm faders and proprietary CV shaping circuitry to deliver high resolution level control, punchy envelope response, and improved headroom.SideCar is designed to give you a proper mixing exp..
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Brand: WORNG Electronics Model: SoundStage II
SoundStage II is a stereo mixer module unlike any other.Completely reimagining what a mixer needs to be in a Eurorack system, SoundStage helps you build your mix just by patching your voices in. Inputs are placed in the stereo field depending on their horizontal patch position left to right, and pla..
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WORNG Electronics Vector Space WORNG Electronics Vector Space
Brand: WORNG Electronics Model: Vector Space
Vector Space builds on the concept of spatial CV mixing pioneered by the Wiard JAG and moves into three dimensions, as well as adding additional complex outputs, letting you generate seventeen interrelated voltages from three CV inputs, using 100% analogue circuitry.Use it to generate a large number..
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Brand: WORNG Electronics Model: Vertex
Easily patch up a stereo signal path with a single envelope generator, skew your stereo image or pan a mono signal with CV. Vertex also takes advantage of the VCAs used to be able to saturate at unity gain without distorting your audio signal. This means that you can waveshape an AD envelope into an..
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