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Brand: Vongon Model: VONGON-PARAGRAPHS
PARAGRAPHSresonant lowpass filter with waveform generatorPARAGRAPHS is an analog four-pole resonant low pass filter with an attack, decay (AD) envelope generator designed with focus on simplicity and flexibilityThe heart of the LOW PASS FILTER circuit is the AS3320 analog chip — a mod..
Ex Tax:318.49€
Brand: Vongon Model: VONGON-POLYPHRASE
POLYPHRASEstereo echo effect with infinite feedback loopPOLYPHRASE is a stereo echo and looping device inspired by early proto-digital delays of the 1970’s like the Lexicon Prime Time. As sophisticated as it is easy-to-use, Polyphrase is capable of everything from rich, dubby rhythmic repeats, ..
Ex Tax:474.79€
Brand: Vongon Model: VONGON-REPLAY
REPLAY is a polyphonic synthesizer with multi-mode arpeggiator inspired by the Roland Juno and the Korg Polysix of the early 1980s. Designed to embody vintage character while utilizing modernity and versatility of form.Replay has a six-voice virtual analog sound engine that emulates the organic..
Ex Tax:881.51€
Brand: Vongon Model: VONGON-ULTRASHEER
ULTRASHEERstereo pitch vibrato and reverb effectULTRASHEER is a stereo reverb and vibrato combination inspired by the early digital studio effects units of the late 1970’s, capable of moving you from a lush warbled space to a shallow room through an intuitive and satisfyingly tactile interfaceT..
Ex Tax:474.79€
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