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Universal Audio UAFX LA-2A Studio Compressor

Get the rich tube tones of a legendary limiter. The Teletronix LA-2A Studio Compressor puts the sounds of UA's legendary optical tube limiter at your feet, voiced to precisely match the original hand-wired hardware with all the inspiring tone and classic feel on tap.


- Authentic emulation of iconic Teletronix LA-2A optical tube compressor/limiter, captured in a compact stompbox
- Perfectly captured end-to-end emulation of vintage transformers, tube amplifiers, and T4 optical cell for fat, three-dimensional tube tones
- Mix control for easy parallel compression effects
- True/buffered bypass, Stock/Fast attack switch
- Timeless UA design and craftsmanship, built for years of reliable performance

Enjoy Gentle Dynamics Control and Natural Sustain
Whether it's ringing clean tones and single-note guitar lines, or adding focus to bass, synths, and keys, the Teletronix LA-2A enhances instruments like no other compressor. This pedal gives you all the big, three-dimensional sound of the original hardware including its transformers, tubes, and T4 optical cell distortions right on your pedalboard.

Add the Fat Sound of a Vintage Tube Circuit
Even without compression, Teletronix LA-2A will elevate your tone with bold tube thickening, easily pushing your already-cooking tube amp into juicy overdrive, full of harmonics and color.

Compress with a Tough, Compact Stompbox
Built for years of trouble-free performance, Teletronix LA-2A Studio Compressor features switchable 
true/buffer bypass, Stock/Fast switch for quicker attack time, and a Mix control for easy parallel compression, giving you legendary limiting effects for decades to come.

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